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Hades & Persephone

Hello, wanderers!

I cant believe I left this blog unkept for so long.

Im back now. And I suppose I should include some life updates before we get the main course - photos!

Most of you already know, if not everyone, but I moved to New York! Crazy right? Its been a wild, amazing, frightening, challenging and life changing 8 months. It was a crazy move, and even though I was still shooting (some) I didnt edit or post or share.

I took some much needed down time to focus on other things, to re-balance the scales, so to speak. I think it worked. I feel like i back in my zen, back in my daily state of being.

I love photography for this reason. Because it, unlike everything else, is a patient lover. I can come and go as I please, take the time I need…process what needs to be processed and always come back to pick up where I left off…as if nothing has changed (even though everything has). I always know, that regardless of where I go, what I feel or how i have changed, this will always be my constant.


New York is FULL of adventure and places to see. Theres so much to explore, its almost too much. NY has everything. Sleepless cities, quiet towns, nature galore…

Ive seen a lot since Ive been here, and Ive kept a mental list of places to revisit with my trusty camera in hand.

This weekend it was Sleepy Hollow and their GORGEOUS, MASSIVE cemetery.

A cemetery so large, that even after 3-4 hours I was still only able to see about half of it. Which is fine. All that means is that ill have to come back, and thats alright with me and my camera.

I wasn’t really aiming for any sort of shot, as usual. I dont usually prepare for shoots. I just go places and whatever reveals itself to me, is what reveals its self. I dont fuss. I dont push. I dont rush. I just walk. and see. and feel. and shoot.

I subscribe to the belief that cemeteries are places of quiet worship and peace. I dont ever feel fear, or darkness. I feel at ease. Hopeful, even. I feel a sense of calm and balance. I feel an urge to clean dirty headstones, water flowers, adjust vases, pull weeds. Is that just me? There arent many places in the world that can soothe me over the way a cemetery can. But we’re all weird in one way or another.

It occured to me while exploring that it made sense that trek back into creation would start at a cemetery. Everything in my life always comes full circle in one or another, and this was no different. See, my very first shoot, with my very first roll of film, was shot at a cemetery when I was about 14 or 15 years old. (if youre in the mood, and the spirit so moves you, you can scroll through my instagram @fstopandstare to see that very first print).

I felt that this entire set was reminiscent of Hades & Persephone. Mom & Dad. King & Queen. Death & Birth. Maybe thats just where I am in this current full circle, but the feeling is there, and I wont fight it.

As always, you can see the full set on the F-Stop facebook page HERE.

You can also see more of my favorites on instagram - @fstopandstare

If there are some photos that so move you, this full set will be available on the official F-stop & Stare print shop! Click HERE to order! (hint - use code “HEY2019” for 15% off any print of your choice!).

I know a few posts ago I mentioned wanting to include music that moved me to shoot or edit a certain way…so I will keep that up.

This set was brought to you by Hozier’s new album, Wasteland, Baby! which I have been blasting on repeat since the release of the EP. Check it out on spotify: Wasteland, Baby!

Thanks for reading. And thanks for sticking with me, all of you.

Much love,