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Hello there!

The little one is back! Today I have my first shoot of 2018 to share with you. 

As is my tradition, I always try to shoot at the end of the year, and then again on the beginning of the next. 

This year was no different. Ive been on a mission lately, to sort of "reclaim" spaces and places. Places that hurt to revisit, places that reminded of times and people I wanted to forget. I mixed this reclaiming with my love of B-Roll in TV and movies. I love movies with extra footage of feet, people walking, close ups of faces or food, traffic, branches swaying in the wind. I feel that they really add to the story, make the environment its own character. I wanted to take some photos that felt like B-Roll, that made you wonder what was going on before it, and after it. Photos that made you wonder what the rest of the movie was going to be like. 

So I went a place that needed reclaiming, needed to feel good again, needed to feel like it was mine again even though it does not belong to me (technically, lol). Although, I feel as though every place I photograph is mine in some way or another, but thats a post for another day. Anyway, I went to a place on my list to reconquer and make cinematic. Im really happy with what I got. 

They feel dark, but hopeful. They feel small and large at the same time. They feel like an open book, but secretive. Perhaps those are just my own feelings projected onto them, but then again thats the point of creation. 

I used an 85mm lens for all these shots. I love that lens. its my go to. It forces me to see differently, compose differently. It changes how I see. I can't imagine not shooting with that baby. It matches my style so perfectly. Dreamy, creamy & ethereal. If you are also a photographer then you probably already noticed that some of these are basically underexposed. I did that really for effect. I wanted them to feel dark. Many of them are at perfect exposure, but I find that my favorites are the ones underexposed. They feel more intimate somehow, like I stepped into a vulnerable moment. 

Anyway, I like how they turned out. Im proud of them. 

I hope you like them too. On this post I selected a few I liked quite a bit, and you can find more of them on my FB page @ F-Stop & Stare Photography and also by following me on Instagram @fstopandstare. 

As always, I thank you for stopping by...for your comments on Insta and messages on FB. :) I don't always answer them on time, but I try my best. 

***I realize the carousel of images up top badly crop some of the images, sorry about that. you really want to go to FB to see them: click HERE for PART 1 of the Album and click HERE for PART 2 of it **