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Hurricane Irma

Hello there, Friends...

Its been a minute. I tend to do that often. I go on these weeks-long "hermit" sessions and just stay to myself for some time. I still shoot, as thats the best form of therapy for me. I just dont share what I shoot. I like to have things just for myself sometimes. :)

But thats not what this post is about. 

After Hurricane Irma, I went for a drive to see any damages. Luckily, we got away with minimal damage in my area. The only casualties were the trees. Not many were left standing after Irma. Some of neighbors suffered damage to their roof, from the trees falling. My backyard was pretty wrecked. We were without power for about 2 days. All in all, we're happy that was the extent of it.

I couldnt go to work for about a week, as we were without power there for a full 8 days. Needless to say, it was a much needed vacation. I caught up on some reading, shooting and editing. 

Today im sharing a couple of the shots I liked the most from that drive. As always, you can see the full set on my FB page: F/Stop & Stare.

As far as these shots are concerned, I was focusing more on just documenting what I saw. These are not meant to be beautiful or interesting in any way. I just wanted to remember what happened. Just little snap shots of what the hurricane left behind. Its always good to document any sort of disaster, minimal or not. This will serve to remind me of just how lucky we are. Of how bad it can be, when we think of our fellow Americans in Texas and PR. 

I count my lucky stars everyday, and I am so thankful...always.

Thanks for stopping by

Love & light <3