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I Just REALLY Love My Dog

Hello Wanderers!

My old girl, Paige Von D is turning 10 this year. 

I adopted her when she was about 2 months old, and at that time she was all black, minus her paws and the tip of her tail which were dipped in white. Things are different now, and she has big patches of white everywhere, surely a sign of aging. 

I dont know how much longer I will have her for, hopefully until shes 20. She still acts like a puppy, is full of energy and she's always happy. Still, I worry that shes getting older. Which is silly of me to think about. She is perfectly healthy, yet I already dread the day I wont have her around anymore. She shows no signs of slowing down, although I can tell now that she gets tired much faster at the dog park. Back when she was younger, our trips to the park were an all day affair. I can tell she gets tired much more quickly now, and after a few hours of serious playtime with much younger dogs, she rather spend the rest of the time lounging on the picnic tables with me. 

Shes much more protective of me now as well. If I am sleeping, or in the bathroom shes as alert as any well trained guard dog. Lord forgive the poor soul who tries to wake me up from my slumber. 

Paige was my first real pet. My first real responsibility. Shes taught me a lot as we've grown up together. Theres very little she hasnt been in my life for. Every breakup, every sleepless night. Shes always there. She watched after me after my bad car accident. She lays her head on my belly when the cramps get too bad. She knows when I am upset, gently paws at me when the anxiety creeps up on me. When she sleeps with me, she licks me until I awake, usually from a weird dream. She knows that when I am putting my shoes on, it means im going outside, and she begs to go with me. Grabbing her leash is the start of full episode of barking and sheer joy (sometimes to the point of her crying). She can still learn new tricks, and her talents include: sit, heel, down, stay (best when she needs to wait at the door in the car), turn around (she walks in a circle), left paw, right paw, up (for doggy hugs), she can kiss on command (although she prefers to do so when she feels like it), wait (she wont take treats or eat her food until I say 'OK'). 

I love her because shes just as weird as I am. She panics around new dogs, but she loves them. She has random bursts of energy and runs around like a maniac (her greyhound side, for sure), but not more than 2 minutes later, she is knocked TF out in her bed - and good luck getting her to move from there. She's afraid of everything, including ants. Theres been many a time where I have sluggishly gotten out of bed to find her growling at an ant or two...and I have to remove said ants to stop her freak out. She tries to eat the vapor from my electronic cigarette. She knows to knock over bottles of beer and wine and lick it off the floor. She completely loses her shit if theres a chance you will give her some cheese. She has never, in her lifetime, played with dog toys. Not even a tennis ball. She simply has no interest in toys. Ive spent so much money on dog toys that go to waste...she will sniff them for a second and ignore it. I have never met a dog who didnt like toys, yet here is my weird dog...who rather run around and roll in the dirt and drink beer, over playing fetch. She really is my dog, and I love her so much for it.

I read somewhere that you dont pick your dog, they pick you. That really was the case with Paige. Before I adopted her, I was looking into a Great Dane puppy...one trip to the shelter later, I walked out with a very sleepy, very tiny little black ball of fur...and a very difficult puppy phase later, I havent looked back.

As difficult as she was as a puppy, I really cant imagine ever ending up with a better dog than her. 

Shes the best. Shes my best friend. She tolerates my aggressive snuggles. She tolerates me shoving my camera in her face all the time. She tolerates me in general. 

I just REALLY love my dog.