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Hello Wanderers!

Back when I was in college, I learned very quickly that my favorite type of photography was the kind that involved photoshop manipulations. I became obsessed with merging photos, adding textures, making surreal images. A simple photo wasnt enough for me. It needed to have an air of oddity. It needed to be unnatural yet natural all at once. I have since come out of that artistic phase in my life...yet i still sneak in a few manipulations here an there. Maybe some layered textures, some purposeful color casts...a little interest. I am not a painter, and I cant draw, so the only type of art I can rely on myself to make is the photographic kind. Yet, photoshop gives me the tool to change what I capture...add to it, make it more (or less) realistic or fantastical. 

Its been awhile since I let my abstract artist out for a walk, so it definitely was time. I found the time after shooting a random fireworks show over at bayside. 

The sparks, the colors, the lighting...it all came out of nowhere, and before i knew it...I was back home shuffling around photoshop, creating (somewhat) surreal images. Now, not all of these in this set will have gotten the same treatment, but most of them did. Some of these are photo merges of 2 or more photos, hopefully stitched together in a way that looks like it could have maybe looked like that in real life....and others were left completely to the mercy of whatever my mind wanted it to be.

Its always  nice to go back to my old type of work from college. 

Im always changing and always doing something different. I dont like to keep pumping out the same type of work. I get bored of cityscapes, beaches, flowers, concrete. Sometimes I need more. Its when i hit that space of boredom that some of my most creative works comes about.

Ive always challenged myself to go beyond the typical. Everyone shoots the typical, its up to you to move beyond that. Regardless of what I shoot, typical or not, I try to add something different to it. I hope that shows in my work.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these little picks. You can see the rest of them on my FB page by clicking HERE.  

Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate it.

Much love & take some light with you...

Tiny Thalia