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What Keeps You Coming Back?


Hello, hello my fellow wanderers!

Im glad to be back in this little blog-o-sphere.

It may be quiet around here from time to time, but if you follow my social media...then you know I have been anything but! (seriously, you should follow me).

Jokes aside, I do have some updates for you. The little one has been shooting non-stop. Ive been completely taken over by inspiration, and I have been out and about shooting, learning and experimenting. 

I recently had a much needed upgrade in my gear, as the focus on my 7D wasnt quite as fast as it used to be. Granted, Ive had that baby for about 5 years now. Its been good to me...but it was time to give it a break. Now, its been spending some time with a very special person, who has quickly become my very first photography student. Thalia? A teacher? Who would have thought, huh?

I suppose you can say that this intense burst of inspiration has come from my new set of eyes, AKA a new camera...(a full post on that coming soon, and some feelings I have about the dog and pony show in photography). 

Everything ive wanted to shoot, but my 7D just couldnt produce has all of a sudden become as easy as breathing. I have finally been able to go through my list of photo ideas and shoot every single one. Every time I think I hit the last of it, I find myself filling up my sketchbook with shot ideas, locations and drawings of what i want to shoot. 


I really do feel as if i just received a new pair of eyes. There is no other way to describe it. I have always believed that a truly great photographer sees even the most mundane of things as beautiful and interesting, and their work can help interpret those things as such. Things that i always found interesting, and have shot many times have now tripled in meaning and significance. It reminds me of the first time I ever picked up a camera.

And to be honest, teaching someone and helping them grow as an artist has helped with that as well. Seeing how excited and passionate they are has rubbed off on me, and I feel invigorated all over again. Sometimes you forget that feeling. You forget how you used to see things, you forget the reason why you started shooting in the first place. Ive learned recently how important it is to hold onto that purpose. Why did you start? How did you start? What keeps you working at it? What keeps you coming back?

I remember that feeling every time we pack up all the gear and head out to search for new locations. I remember that feeling every time we get kicked out of a parking garage at 3am. I remember that feeling every time he shows me a great photo he captured. I remember that feeling every time I sit down to edit work I truly am excited about. 

That feeling? That excitement? THATS what keeps me coming back. Its what keeps my vision strong and flowing. And yea, it all sounds overly sentimental. But what kind of artist isnt always full of any type of emotion? And to be able to harness that again, feel renewed and refreshed, I cant give that up. Who would?


So thats where my head space is currently at. Theres no sign of slowing down either.

Although to be honest, all the night time shooting and cityscape/skyline photos has left me dearly missing my time out in nature. So i'll have to come back home to the trees this weekend and reconnect that side of myself. Fae life, and all that jazz.

Either way, what you see sprinkled about in this post are just a small snapshot of what ive been up to. You can see more on my FB Page and on Instagram...as is customary. 

As always, thank you for stopping by and indulging in my brain vomit. I always appreciate it.

Take some light with you,
Thalia. <3