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Hello wanderers, 

I don't like to keep this corner of the internet lonely for too long. Although I have been relatively quiet on the photo front, I have been working on some other stuff on the business end. I won't be able to talk about it for quite some time (damn NDA's) but I do like to check in every so often.  

Even though I'm not posting, I'm still shooting...as I always have, and will do.  

Today I bring you a post I have been meaning to write for awhile.  

I find that lately, most photographers obsess over having the latest and greatest equipment. I am guilty of this also, as I have several thousand dollars worth of shooting equipment.  

But that isn't what makes a good artist. Having the latest and highest tech doesn't make you a good photographer. Anyone can buy the same $5k set up I have and point it at something and shoot it. But will it evoke the same feeling as a seasoned and creative shooter? Absolutely not.  

Vision is what creates good work. creativity is what makes someone connect to your images. Storytelling is an important part of photography that most people seem to forget. Yes, technical aspects of shooting like exposure and lighting are at the very core of creating a good image...but beyond that, it's all about capturing the attention of the viewer. How can you do that without creating a compelling story through color, texture, vision? I want for people to look at my work and wonder what happened before and after that moment was captured. I want my viewers to spend more than 3 seconds looking at my photo. 

The photos you see above is a collection of images taken with 3 different cameras, all ranging from super cheap to $5k. Can you guess which image came from a $600 camera and which one came from an expensive rig?  

To a trained eye, this is an easy task of course. But to a regular viewer...it's a little harder. Because that's the thing. When you have your own vision, your own style, your own creativity...the equipment doesn't matter. This is what I want photographers to know. I still challenge myself by shooting with my first digital camera and fans of my work simply can't tell the difference.  

Dont fall for the dog and pony show. Shoot with what you have with love and devotion and energy. Let your photos and vision speak for themselves, don't let the price tags of your set up speak louder than your creativity. Don't get stuck in a rut because you don't feel like you have the right stuff.  

It all sounds cliche, but I get so many massages about my set up. And for what? I've seen people with cameras twice as expensive as mine who can't even hold a candle to people who still shoot with a $500 camera.  

Dont lose sight of what's important. Don't lose sight of why your started shooting to begin with.  

Thats all for now. Thanks for reading. ✌🏻