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The Last Of It

Hello Wanderers!

Today I have the very last set of images from 2016 to share with you. I decided to mash the last 2 albums together, as I have so much work to catch up, I fear I might forget to share these altogether. Im still working on everything New York, and I seriously can not wait to share it. 

For this post, I had a hard time picking just a handful to share on here, so Im sharing a few more than I normally would. As the others, these were taken in Crandon Park, caught along the way while exploring the park, as well as the beach. Its definitely one of my favorite places, as you can experience Gaia in all her forms...earth and water included. 

As per usual, you can see the rest of them on my photo page by clicking HERE

& since Im here, I want to take a moment to shout out my followers in instagram. We're almost at 2k followers! We're so close to hitting my goal of 5k, and its happening much faster than I ever thought possible. I am so thankful to all of you and your never-ending support. Your comments and love mean the world to me! At this rate, we'll hit 10k before the tear is up! *happy dances*

Keep an eye on this little corner of the internet, in a little bit, ill have another post up...with some really exciting news! 

Thank you for stopping by. Take some light with you, I have plenty to share.