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The Wild Side

Hello wanderers! 

If you follow my social media, then you know I spent the last few days in New York. Of course, I have photos to share...but before I get to that, I still have more sets to catch up on. This set is from my last shoot of 2016. This particular series is dedicated to the wild life in Crandon Park. 

I love how comfortable the animals are with people there. They didn't seem to mind me poking my cameras in their faces. Although, of course I didn't harm or trouble them too much. They did, however, spend some time following me around and lounging under a tree with me. It's always a beautiful experience to interact (safely) with animals...and these guys are no different. This set is relatively small in comparison to the others, but as always, you can catch the whole set on my FB page. These are my top picks, the ones I love the most.  

I've always been very afraid of birds, but this trip gave me a new appreciation for them. My favorite are definitely the Ibises. 

Thanks for stopping by! There's gonna be a lot of new stuff coming your way, so keep an eye out! 2017 is already off to a great start. 💓