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Vitamin Sea

I have yet to meet anyone who is not captivated by the ocean. The best way to wind down, relax, gather your thoughts - anything really - is a good dose of vitamin sea. I believe its part of the human condition to be attracted to the ocean, as mysterious as it is. Considering how many faces it has - from calming to violent - its hard for everyone to deny its pull. Like the moon, everyone is connected to her, everyone loves her, everyone is a part of her.

I dont always go to the beach, even though I live in sunny Miami. But when I do, I always have my camera with me. 

Its impossible to take a bad photo at the beach. It was hard (as it often is for me) to narrow down my shots. These photos im sharing werent all taken on the same day, although the location is somewhat the same. Sky, clouds, the elements, basically Gaia in all her glory. 

I really should make time to go to the beach more often. 


Thalia Cuello