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Hello again, my friends!

Its been awhile, I apologize. Do you ever get so caught up in shooting and editing that you forget to actually SHARE your new work? Is that just me?

That happens to me very often. I completely lose myself in what im doing, and for some reason..once its done, I leave it as it is, and forget to show people. lol I can be a little absent minded sometimes, thats for sure. 

Anyway, in my last post...I shared with you some of my new wildlife work (which i love!). In that same post, I had promised a new series of sorts. Its really more of a different take on traditional triptychs. I loved making them in college, back when I still shot with film. Turns out, I still love making them, and have recently become obsessed with them again. So before I show you new work ive been up to, let me share these first!

As always, you can follow my social media accounts to stay up to date with my new projects! Twitter and Instagram @fstopandstare and on FB www.facebook.com/fstopandstare (if youre on flickr, you can follow me there too! fstopandstare). :) 

A little about this series:

Like I mentioned before, i loved making triptychs in college. A lot can change in an image simply by flipping it, cropping it, rearranging parts of it. It gives new meaning and depth to an otherwise "average" image. Im calling this series "Nature//Deconstructed" because thats how the work flow felt, like I was taking apart bits of nature and rearranging them in a way that wasnt quite its "natural" form. Im really happy with the results! I hope you like them as well.

Thank you for reading, for your views, likes, comments and shares. It always means a lot to me. 


Thalia Cuello