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Show @ SE Center For Photography

If you read my last post, then you already know I promised this one. All about my 2nd gallery showing...at SE Center for Photography in Greenville, SC.

Not only was this my 2nd gallery show of the year, it is also my first out of state show! SECFP is a gallery dedicated just to photography, and to be honest, I wasnt sure I would land it. They are a legit gallery, showcasing some of the best photographers I have ever seen. I felt like I was in a dream, prepping this image for printing. 

Before I continue with this long post, I want to first talk a little bit about this image...and why its so important for me. This photo was taken at Bill Bags State park...in the little cabin by the lighthouse. Its a dark, murky looking cabin...yet here is this window, where if you just look out the ocean is right there, freedom. Standing at this window, I saw the perfect analogy for my anxiety. This is how anxiety feels to me. Being stuck in the darkness, yet you know, if all you do is step out...you can breathe again. Colors come back to you. Life comes back to you. Its only a matter of stepping outside of yourself for a moment. Of leaving the little black cloud behind. This is probably one of my most loved images. 

The icing on the cake was that the curator for this particular show, 'Color', is none other than Diane Bloomfield, a photographer who has molded my style for years and has served as an endless fountain of inspiration. The fact that literally, senpai noticed me has been the source of many a fan girl shriek for me. I kept asking myself, IS THIS REAL LIFE?

Yea it is, its real life. And its happening to me. I never in a million years thought that one of my photography idols would ever notice my work. I am humbled. I am proud. 

The show ran for the month of november, and even though I wasnt able to travel out of state to see it, I am so thankful. Just knowing that my work was there, appreciated by fellow artists of an even higher caliber than myself, makes my life complete. 

You can check out the gallery website here: http://www.sec4p.com/

Here is there blog post all about the 'Color' show: http://www.sec4p.com/color

From Bloomfield herself, on her task of choosing images...the fact she saw this in my own work, nearly brought me to tears...

Finally, I love an image that weaves a narrative all its own. So I also chose images that reached out to me and made a connection, told a story, or offered me just enough information and mystery that made me ask questions.


And please take a moment to really experience Bloomfield's work. Once you do, you will know exactly where my style originates from: http://www.dhbloomfield.com/

Thank you taking this ride with me.