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Hello Wanderers,


As promised, little by little, I will spend the first week of 2017 sharing the last series of photos I shot in 2016.

I found a new place to shoot at, an abandoned zoo in Crandon Park. I initially went thinking there would be some trespassing involved, like most of my urbex adventures. This place is wickedly easy to get to, with just one spot accessible by a quick hop over a gate. An abandoned place that’s easy to get to? Yes, please! I managed – for the first time in YEARS – to fill up an entire memory card of photos. That being said, I have split up all the images into separate albums, starting with my favorites…the abandoned stuff!

Typically, when I shoot urbex style stuff, I tend to go for a very gritty, grungey HDR look. So this set is no different. I forgot to bring my tripod along for the HDR stuff, major fail on my part. So there was some definite macgyver-ing to keep my camera steady. I played around with different angles for the HDR shots, instead of just the typical landscape style shots I would go for in the past. I’m so happy with how these came out, and I will definitely be going back to shoot. There was a lot of walking involved, through the park and the beach…my blisters were so bad, it caused some pretty serious swelling in my left ankle. So worth it though. #photographerproblems lol

In my last post, a lot of you enjoyed the addition of the music I was listening to (you all know who you are!), so I think I will include music in these posts more often! This particular adventured was spent listening to a playlist I made on Spotify: The Man In Black. I’m not quite sure how to describe this playlist except by saying that its moody, dark, yet it feels like home…at least to me it does. I’ve included a few of my most favorite shots here for you to see, but as always you can see the full album either on FB by clicking HERE, or on Flickr by clicking HERE. You can also follow my adventures through instagram: @fstopandstare

I hope you all enjoy these photos, I had a blast taking them for you (and for myself).

Thanks for stopping by.

Thalia Cuello