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Studio updates.


Its funny how I always end up working things out in my head with the help of my camera. Its a form of therapy. I cant really explain it, but its true. 

The toughest days, the hardest times to get by...my camera always offers insight I always had, just never knew how to reach.

I found myself at a park...again. With no real intention on capturing anything in specific. Yet in post, I see the insight unfolding right before my eyes. Perspective is everything. Everything changes when you look at it from a different angle. What was up, is now down. What was bright, is now dark. I worked right through the heap of thoughts in a series of shots, and here I am, feeling fresh again. 

Theres no real rhyme or reason to these shots, just a form of play. Playing with color, shadow, lines, texture and perspective. Giving meaning and depth to mundane things. Something I suppose I needed to extend to my daily life.

Art works in mysterious, healing ways. 

You can see the full set on my facebook page, as always. Here are a few of my favorites. 


Thalia Cuello