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This past Saturday I went back to Tree Tops Park, in the company of a fellow kindred spirit, who is very much like me. 

It was nice to come back, this time however, as a completely different person, with a completely different state of mind. I firmly believe these shots can show that. Looking back at the set from the last time I visited, I think its pretty obvious. Maybe only to me. 

At any rate, this time I feel like I took my time to see. I feel like I really saw, more than any other visit. Still, I am sort of 50/50 on this set. I cant yet decide if I love them, or hate them. But thats just in my nature when photography is involved. Ill delete and redo edits over and over until I am satisfied. This time however, I am leaving them as they are the first time around. I cant promise I wont revisit them at a later date and play around some more, but for now, they stay as they are. 

I used the crappy kit lens on my 7D as well as my vintage 20mm. I had missed using that little 20mm. I sometimes forget I have it, and coming back to it is always a warm surprise. It makes me feel like im shooting film again. 

I feel like these are pretty basic edits...nothing too crazy as far as my normal color work is involved. Not as much split toning, but still tons of "mood", as instagram loves to say. 

You can see the rest of this set on my FB page by clicking HERE, and also on Flickr by clicking HERE. As always, thank you for stopping by and lending me your time. I hope you find something that catches your eye.

Until next time, wanderers. See you soon.